The House Of Patrick Gilles & Dorothée Boissier 
in Paris

The traditional moldings create a great dynamic with the herringbone type parquet allowing for distinction while creating contemporary living. The joining of two styles through the structural, fixture and furniture design is greatly appreciated in both the kitchen and bathrooms.  Here the marble backsplash and built-in sink create a luxurious element of the classical era while retaining simplistic contemporary lines. In the kitchen, we fell in love with the upper shelf supported cupboards and the marriage of the three woods every one unique in its own form. Of course the dining table designed by Gilles & Boissier is the perfect inclusion for the introduction to the mildly classical but sharply mod interior.  

As you may have guessed, most furniture pieces and pendant lights are designed by the owners allowing for the character within the interiors to be created exactly as desired. For example in the hallway, the existing wall paneling is loosely interrupted by the oversized light pendant in conjunction with the X-frame console table and the horse photograph by Steven Klein. Here the two worlds of the paneling and the contemporary items stand together harmoniously. Throughout the apartment, the artwork and its positioning plays a key role in the character of the spaces. All of the photography is from acte2galerie , which is owned by the couples’ close friend Alexander Percy.

Finally, the master bedroom follows the same language and essence. Here simplistic but greatly comfortable pieces have been selected to coincide with the existing classical ornamentation, which is greatly adored.  All in all, this is a pure example of what excites us in the world of living. However, it does not come as a surprise to us, as when the names Gilles & Boissier are behind it we know that they always rise to the occasion.